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Instructions for making an enquiry

Choose ONLY ONE mode of communication - phone call, email, fax or mail. Not all four.

Instructions for sending an e-mail enquiry

BEFORE YOU SEND US AN VISA enquiry, ensure that you have explored the internet site of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tehran and the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.
If you are making an inquiry or sending information regarding an application or possible application, please, always introduce yourself (SURNAME, Given names, nationality etc), OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE TO YOUR INQUIRY.
Emails sent to the Embassy must be in English language.
Please do not send your requests repeatedly or in several parts.

Responses to enquiries

You will receive a response to your enquiry within 5 working days.

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Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran abolishes Decision on visa-free regime for citizens of the Republic of Serbia on the basis of reciprocity
Decision on termination of the validity of the Decision on the abolition of visas for entry into the Republic of Serbia for the nationals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, holders of ordinary passports
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