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A Memorandum of Cooperation between the Wrestling Federation of Serbia and the Wrestling Federation of Iran was signed in Tehran on October 13. From the Serbian side, the document was signed by President of the Wrestling Federation of Serbia, Mr. Zeljko Trajkovic, and from the Iranian side by President of the Wrestling Federation of Iran, Mr. Alireza Dabir. Ambassador Todorović also attended the signing ceremony. After the signing ceremony, the host and guest spoke for the Iranian media, as well as Ambassador, who said that he was very pleased that the Memorandum was signed and that it was the first in a series of agreements in the field of cooperation in sports that are ready for signing. The previous day, a meeting was held with President of the Iranian Olympic Committee, Dr. Saleh Amiri.




On Wednesday, October 7, at the request of the city of Tehran and the Mayor of the city, a video conference was organized in which, in addition to the hosts, the Italian Ambassador and Ambassador Todorović participated. The occasion was "Tehran Week", which is celebrated every year, however, now, due to the coronavirus, it was not possible to organize the usual manifestations. The questions asked from the city headquarters referred to the work of Mayor Hanachi and the city administration, the infrastructural possibilities of Tehran, the problems that are most pronounced in the city, the foreign policy significance of Tehran, as well as work and activities during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the organizer asked about possible common characteristics of the Serbian and Iranian people, differences and similarities in customs, both cultural and religious. Ambassador Todorović emphasized the importance of the work of Mayor Hanachi, and that his and the work of the city administration and the City Parliament is visible in numerous areas and that it is an example for all other cities in Iran. He pointed out Tehran's potentials at the international level and its huge tourist, political and economic opportunities. He pointed out that Tehran is composed of several cities, because passing through the city shows clear differences between its parts, as well as that Tehran is characterized by a high degree of religious tolerance. He stated that he also visited Russian and Armenian and Greek Orthodox churches, Jewish synagogues and Shiite mosques. There is no security anywhere in front of these facilities, which is an indicator of a high level of security and religious tolerance. Everyone is free to perform their religious activities regardless of religion. He pointed out that the city, in coordination with the Government, is facing well with the problem of coronavirus and that it is taking timely measures, but that not only Iran is endangered, but the whole world. He reminded of the cultural and other manifestations we have organized in Tehran so far, and he especially emphasized the great similarity between the Orthodox faith and Shiite Islam. Both have almost the same forms of protocol at funerals and later. He also spoke about the history of bilateral relations and the plans we have regarding the cooperation of cities, not only Belgrade and Tehran.




The Iranian daily newspaper Siyasat Ruz published an interview with Ambassador Todorovic in the Persian language. The talks focused on bilateral relations between Serbia and Iran, primarily in the field of economy, trade, other types of cooperation, ways of engagement  and work in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, private life of Ambassador and the other issues of common interest. Ambassador said that the political relations between the two countries are good, but that we are not satisfied with the level of trade exchange and general economic cooperation, which should be at a much higher level. He pointed out that there are certain problems that should be solved, such as the issue of the payment ways. These and similar issues should be on the agenda at the next session of the Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation. Ambassador said that Serbia pursues an independent policy, but that it also has good relations with the United States, Israel, Russia, China, neighboring countries, the EU, countries in the Middle East, as well as with Iran. When asked about the talks in Washington, Ambassador pointed out that the President of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, signed an important agreement with the representative of Priština on the normalization of economic relations, and that no agreement was signed with Israel, with which we have good relations. When asked about his visit to Iran, Ambassador answered that the two presidents talked about it on the phone a few months ago, but that it is not realistic to expect any high-level visit in the current conditions of a pronounced spread of coronavirus in Iran. The Embassy has a program of what should be done at the level of bilateral relations when health conditions allow it.



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